05-IR-7-DannyIn today’s world, buildings need to perform better than ever. Energy, health, economic, and environmental issues are forcing buildings to become more sustainable. However, “green” design alone cannot guarantee success. Attentive operations and maintenance are also vital to cutting energy costs, creating more competitive businesses, and reducing pollution.

What does this mean in terms of a job or career for you? Skilled technicians with a solid grasp of building systems, energy efficiency, and indoor environmental quality are high in demand. You might troubleshoot a faulty piece of equipment, verify proper operation of an economizer, or collect and analyze energy usage data to identify energy savings opportunities. There are many occupations where you can make a difference while earning a healthy wage:

  • Building automation/ controls technician
  • Building operator/ engineer
  • Commissioning/ retro-commissioning agent
  • Energy auditor
  • Energy engineer/ manager
  • Facilities manager
  • HVAC/R installation & service technician
  • Indoor air quality specialist
  • Lighting systems & controls technician
  • Measurement & verification specialist

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